Frameless Brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Frameless Brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Frameless Brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Allied Motion is a technology leader in Frameless Brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors. Allied has developed and manufactures several types of frameless direct drive brushless motors, including a broad range of standard catalog models. Allied is also well-known for the special and completely custom torque motors we have developed.

Key characteristics of each family of frameless brushless direct drive torque motors are summarized in the table below. Click the "Details" button to find technical files, including model specs, datasheets, CAD drawings, and installation manuals for each of our brushless direct drive torque motors.

FamilyFrame Size mmRated Torque NmProduct Information
KinetiMax™ High Power Density Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors - NEW!62 - 1250.24 - 6.7 (rated) Details
HT Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors19 - 127 0.008 - 9 (stall) Details
Megaflux™ Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors60.4 - 7920.29 - 1875 (stall) Details


Allied Motion's engineers will work with you to develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.  We're here to help you every step of the way.

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