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Learn More About Our Global Sites

Allied Motion is a global company with 22 sites spanning across 10 countries. Learn more about each one of our locations below and how they contribute to our overall  success.

North American Sites

Amherst, NY (HQ)

Arvada, CO

Bellevue, WA

Camarillo. CA

Dayton, OH

Dothan, AL

Germantown, WI

Loomis, CA

London, CAD

Oakville, CAD

Owosso, MI

Reynosa, MX

Rochester, NY

Roseville, MI

Somersworth, NH

Tulsa, OK

Watertown, NY

European Sites

Dordrecht, Netherlands

Kelheim, Germany

Porto, Portugal

Stockholm, Sweden

Asia-Pacific Sites

Changzhou, China

Christchurch, New Zealand