Vehicle Steering & Traction

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Vehicle Steering & Traction

Allied Motion engineers and manufactures Advanced Electric Steering & Traction Solutions for OEMs building autonomous mobile robots, AGVs and AGCs, warehouse and factory lift trucks and similar logistics vehicles. In addition, Allied Motion makes Electric Power Assist Steering systems and steering components for off-road recreational and utility vehicles, and integrated Electrohydraulic Pump Drive Motors for on-road heavy-duty trucks, passenger buses, and off-road construction and farming equipment.

Available products include:

  • POW-R STEER fully-integrated electric power steering assist actuator
  • EPS integrated electric steering motor for powered wheel assemblies used in AGVs and lift trucks
  • SWS steering wheel sensor that offers position sensing and magnetic-based tailored steering wheel resistance for steer-by-wire lift trucks and similar vehicles
  • EHS integrated electrohydraulic pump motors rated up to IP6k9k protection level for on- and off-road heavy vehicles
  • WheelMax™ powered wheel with integrated motor, gearing, brake and drive electronics for autonomous logistics vehicles and service robots
  • Transaxles with brush or brushless motor and rated up to 2000 lb (908 kg) load capacity

Use the quick links below to find technical files including datasheets and support materials for all of our electric steering and traction products, and contact us for application assistance with your specific project.

Vehicle Electric Steering & Traction