Brushless Motors

  • Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors

Allied Motion offers a variety of Brushless Motors designed to meet a wide range of application requirements:

  • Torque motors, frameless or housed
  • AC servo motors
  • DC motors with or without integrated control electronics
  • Outer-Rotor DC motors with integrated drives
  • Mil-Spec DC motors

The Overview & Selection Guide allows you to review 13 different Brushless motor types.  Simply select the correct series of motor for your application.  This will get you to the Motor Series page providing  access to Data sheets, CAD drawings, and Installation manuals.

Brushless Motor Selection Guide

Click here to download our brushless motor selection guide. It offers a technical comparison for each brushless motor offered by Allied Motion.

Motor Type

Brushless DC Motor

DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor With Drives

DC Motors with Drives

Brushless Servo Motor

Servo Motors

Frameless Brushless Direct Drive Torque Motors
Frameless Direct Drive

Torque Motors

Megaflux™ & CM Housed Direct Drive Torque Motors
Housed Direct Drive

Torque Motors


Allied Corporate Overview
What is a Frameless Motor?
What is a Torque Motor?
What is a Servo Motor?


Aerospace and Defense
Door Actuation, Munitions, Robotics, Troop Transport

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