Application Solutions Overview

  • Application Solutions Overview

Allied Motion provides motion solutions to a wide range of companies throughout the world. Our motion products and systems are employed in aerospace and defense, commercial, and industrial markets. The key industries we serve in those markets are summarized below.

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Aerospace & Defense

For Aerospace and Defense companies Allied Motion provides standard mil-aero designed products as well as special-design motors, electronic drives and encoding devices that can stand up to the rigorous demands of military and aerospace applications.



Allied Motion's servo motors, torque motors, motion controllers and drives, and encoders deliver the reliability and precision needed in modern advanced automation systems as found in semiconductor and electronic test, assembly and packaging equipment.

CPAP Respiratory Ventilation Air Pump


From floor care equipment to bank auto tellers to CPAP machines you'll find Allied Motion's reliable, quiet motors and gearmotors hard at work powering much of the equipment we rely upon each day to make our lives better.



You'll find Allied Motion's motors and gear motors, as well as our drives and feedback devices, in "job-site" tools like welding wire feeders and conduit bender, in warehouse material handing lift trucks and robotic stock handlers, and many other industrial motion applications.

Image of surgical robot in action


Allied Motion manufacturers precision medical motors, drives and position feedback products for a wide range of medical applications from surgical robotics to prosthetics to consumer CPAP machines.

For medical handling and mobility applications Allied Motion provides brush and brushless traction wheel drives, gear motors, drives and actuator components.



Allied Motion offers a wide range of motors designed specifically for use in pump applications. From small medical pumps in dialysis machines to fuel pumps in LPG-powered vehicle fleets to military cooling pumps for pilots, Allied Motion's motors are relied upon for their robustness and long service life.

Automated warehouse (paper and cardoboard) with robotic forklift in paper mill. This paper mill is a factory devoted to making paper and cardboard from recycled paper  using a Fourdrinier Machine.


Allied Motion's brush and brushless motors and electronics are designed into robotic devices in a broad spectrum of applications from surgical robots to IED disposal robots to automated material handling robots.



Allied Motion's products and systems are in use around the world in a very wide range of vehicle-related applications such as AGV traction, ATV and automotive steering, on- and off-highway equipment HVAC, patient and handicapped transport, military tracking and fire control, and agriculture and turf equipment subsystems to name just a few.

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