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  • Allied Brands

Allied Motion Technologies is the parent company of several operating units in various locations throughout the world. During the past few years, Allied Motion recognized the importance of servicing our customers as one company, Allied Motion, and so we embarked on a rebranding of our operating units.

Each company is now referred to simply as Allied Motion plus the company's geographical location. So, for example, the former Stature Electric is now known as Allied Motion at Watertown.

Each of the former operating unit names was also a brand name with which you may be familiar. Those brands are:

  • Agile Systems
  • Computer Optical Products (COPI)
  • Emoteq
  • Globe Motors
  • Heidrive
  • Motor Products
  • Ostergrens Elmotor
  • Premotec
  • Stature Electric

We understand that many of you have applied and are familiar with a number of these brands, and we can assure you that while the names have changed, the technology, products and support that you have enjoyed have not changed and will not change. Under Allied Motion, you not only have access to the individual brands you were familiar with in the past, you also have the full spectrum of our brands and products available through a single point of contact in the Allied Motion Solution Centers located in Asia, Europe and North America.

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