Power Wheelchair Control Systems

As of March 9, 2020, Dynamic Controls, Ltd., is now an Allied Motion company!

Dynamic Controls, Ltd., a subsidiary of Allied Motion Technologies, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and the elderly. Being free to move and express yourself is central to the human experience, and Dynamic exists to ensure that all people living with restricted mobility enjoy the same freedoms. By partnering with innovative customers, Dynamic brings freedom of movement and expression through high quality mobility control and high-tech connectivity. Dynamic solutions give you the power to:

Change Your World – Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters powered by Dynamic change millions of lives worldwide every day.

Transform Your Business - Seamless product systems can transform your designs and your business.

Empower Better Outcomes - Clinicians, retailers & clients can interact more effectively to improve outcomes.

LiNX Power Wheelchair Control System _ cropped

LiNX Power Wheelchair Control System

Seamless end-to-end solutions that enhance business intelligence, enable smarter clinical interaction and provide a smart hub for users to interact with their home and environment. Precise control in all conditions from slow turns on soft carpet to going full speed on paths. Sensors accurately control seat positioning, and highly configurable touchscreens, tactile location features and Light-Touch joysticks, dials, buttons & toggles ensure optimum usability.

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Rhino / Rhino 2 Scooter Controller

Designed to closely match the performance of the original Rhino, the Rhino2 Classic range takes advantage of the enhanced features of Rhino2, whilst giving OEMs more options to match the optimal controller to a scooter. The Rhino2 Classic range delivers a powerful boost current up to 200A with peak current times of between 1-3 minutes.

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R_Series Scooter Controller

R-Series Scooter Controller

The R-Series is a high quality, value for money scooter controller that will provide a refined drive experience, available in 50A and 90A versions.

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