Brushless Motor Drives

  • Brushless Motor Drives

Brushless Motor Drives

Allied Motion offers several brushless motor drives to power our motors.

The cost-effective single-axis SXD brushless motor drive is respectively, DC-fed and AC-fed full-featured servo drives. Both are compact, modular units able to precisely control motor torque or velocity. The SXD is rated up to 1000 W continuous and the xDrive can provide up to 4.4 kW continuous.

Our patented DPFlex™ II brushless motor drive is the best choice for robust speed control of sensorless motors. The DPFlex II reliably starts sensoreless motors under load, and can drive suitable models to speeds as high as 150,000 RPM.

Performance capabilities for our brushless motor drives are summarized below.

Motor Type

DPFlex™ Sensorless Brushless Motor Drives

Brushless Motor Drive

Brushless Servo Motor Drives
AC Brushless

Servo Motor Drives

Servo Motor Drives
DC Brushless

Servo Motor Drives


Aerospace and Defense
Door Actuation, Munitions, Robotics, Troop Transport

Automated Seeders, Combines, Lawn Mowers

Gate & Door Actuation, RV Awning Slide Outs

Welding Wire Feeders

Hand tools, Surgical Robots, Mobility

Military, Medical, Material Handling , Industrial

AGV’s, Farm Equipment, Recreational

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