Environmental, Health and Social Responsibility

Corporate Environmental, Health & Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate REACH Information Letter

Corporate Statement of Conformance RoHS

Allied Motion Core Values

Allied Motion Technologies, Inc. is committed to responsible and sustainable business practices that create Value for our customers, employees, and stakeholders. As a Global Company, our stakeholders and business locations are diverse. We fully understand the expectations associated with this diversity. Corporate Governance Policies are in place to provide the fundamental practices for our daily operations and are the responsibility of all Allied Motion employees. We are committed to understanding, monitoring, and managing our social, environmental, and economic impact while continually improving the environment and providing a work environment that is conducive to the safety and sustained well-being of its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, and the surrounding communities.

This commitment is a fundamental objective of the Allied Motion business strategy, and it is the individual and collective responsibility of all Allied Motion employees and business partners. This commitment is promoted at all organizational levels through training, communication, and deployment of the Allied Systematic Tools (AST).

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as:

  • Utilizing Socially responsible and ethical business practices.
  • Demonstrating continual improvement for a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.
  • Continual reduction of our environmental impact.
  • Respect for human rights and support for the local communities and cultures of our business locations.

Allied Motion takes serious consideration of items pertaining to Corporate Social Responsibility and has deployed and supported our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. Allied Motion employees are required to read, understand, and return a signed acknowledgment of this policy. Expectations exist for organizational leadership to perform as role models and demonstrate active support for this policy in daily activities and decisions.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is predicated upon existing and emerging expectations as follows:

Allied Motion creates tangible value for our customers, employees, and stakeholders through the development and application of "connecting what matters" through the technology pillars of motion, controls, and power.

  • Our Shareholders, by increasing our core value in a lawful manner and our commitment to compliance that is socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Our Employees, by promoting their involvement, development, and participation at all levels, stimulating creativity, innovation, and teamwork, and demonstrating continual improvement for a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.
  • Our suppliers and business partners work proactively to develop long-term partnerships based on integrity and cooperation. They strive for improved and environmentally responsible equipment, materials, and services.
  • Our Surrounding Communities by reducing the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services through the prevention of pollution and promotion of the safety and health of our employees and the general public.

Allied Motion maintains the highest level of integrity and treats all of our customers, employees, and stakeholders openly, honestly, and with respect.

Allied Motion utilizes Allied Systematic Tools, an integral part of our lean strategy, to continuously improve Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Innovation.

Stakeholder Relations
We are committed to applying fair labor practices, respecting the national and local laws of the countries and communities where we operate, and providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment. We do not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation, or harassment.

We do not tolerate human rights abuses, human trafficking and/or slavery, or the use of child labor, and we will not engage or be complicit in any activity that solicits or encourages human rights abuse.

Richard S. Warzala Signature
Richard S. Warzala
Chairman & CEO
Allient, Inc.

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