HT Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors


HT Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Allied Motion's HT family are high torque density frameless direct drive brushless motors offering nine frame diameters and stall torque ranging from 0.008 up to 9.2 Nm (1.0 up to 1277 oz-in). HT torque motors offer a clear aperture hollow-shaft of up to 63.5 mm (2.5 in). All frameless HT models are equipped standard with a Hall commutation switch assembly.

Frameless HT torque motors are designed for direct axis integration in machine applications where component rotor-stator solutions are the better choice over housed motors.

Performance of the standard HT frameless direct drive torque motors is summarized in the table below.

Modified standards and completely custom designs are often provided by Allied Motion to our customers. Contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.

SeriesFrame Size (OD) mmFrame Size (ID max.) mmRotor Length mmMotor Voltage VDCContinuous Stall Torque NmNo-load Speed RPMProduct Information
HT0080x19511, 21, 31240.008 - 0.02110891 - 18298Downloads
HT0100x27611-41240.024 - 0.094796 - 8510Downloads
HT0150x38911-6224 0.053 -0.2562845 - 6897Downloads
HT0200x492011-62240.127 - 0.6581429 - 3948Downloads
HT0230x602911-62240.254 - 1.242 600 - 1904Downloads
HT0250x632511-6224 0.216 - 1.235847 - 1954Downloads
HT0300x763511-6224 0.405 - 2.245530 - 1857Downloads
HT0380x954311-621000.789 - 4.617545 - 1568Downloads
HT0500x1276411-62100 1.60 - 9.02419 - 1424Downloads


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Allied Motion's engineers will work with you to develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.  We're here to help you every step of the way.

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