Industrial Motion Solutions

You’ll find Allied Motion’s motors and gear motors, as well as our drives and feedback devices, in “job-site” tools like welding wire feeders and conduit bender, in warehouse material handing lift trucks and robotic stock handlers, and many other industrial motion applications.

Semi Wafer Machine-Getty dv321044

300 mm Semiconductor Wafer Handler

Robotic wafer handling has become a necessity in the closed environments used in advanced semiconductor wafer fabrication. Robotic handlers transfer and load/unload wafers within a cluster of processing tools.


Chemical Analysis Instrument Actuator

Near Infrared Transmittance (NIT) is an accurate analysis method for grain (and some other products) to quickly determine characteristics such as protein and moisture content.

Tennant 7300 KO 300 1024

Commercial Cleaning Equipment Actuators

The commercial maintenance equipment industry demands motors and drives that are not only able to stand up to hard daily use in inhospitable environmental conditions but that are also cost-effective to apply.

Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Pump

Compact, rugged, and mechanically simple diaphragm pumps can handle either fluids or gases with equal efficiency and reliability.

Leuze Applikation_02

Industrial Barcode Scanners

Quickly identifying items in high throughput environments like production lines, or luggage or parcel handling systems, is usually done with barcode scanners.


Industrial Inkjet Printer Gearpump

High speed inkjet marking systems on virtually always used for industrial on-the-fly case, carton, and product marking and labeling.


Industrial Laser Cooling System Pump

Industrial laser machining systems are used in many industries from metal cutting and drilling to the precision micromachining of semiconductor wafers.


Industrial Torque Wrench Hydraulic Pump

Heavy bolted joints require torque levels only available with hydraulics. Electrically powered portable hydraulic torque wrenches offer the power needed for this application along with the convenience of a compact, portable unit.

Miller Welder S-74DX 300 1024

Industrial Welding Wirefeeder

Industrial tools such as welding wirefeeders require rugged, compact, and ultra reliable gear motors.


Material Handling Carts & AGVs

Material movement in factories and warehouses is becoming easier and safer with the advent of robotic material handling carts.


Postal Service Package Handling

The U.S. Postal Service processes over a billion packages a year, and virtually every one is sorted and sent on its way using Allied Motion motors and gear motors.


Precision Peristaltic Pump

Positive displacement peristaltic pumps are a simple yet efficient means of handling liquids or gases in medical, laboratory, and industrial applications.

3300 in Operation

Semiconductor OCD Measurements System

Optical Critical Dimension (OCD) spectroscopy is a key technology used for optical metrology and process control in semiconductor manufacturing.


Semiconductor Wafer Dicing System

Accurately and precisely dicing semiconductor wafers into discrete die requires high response servo motors for the X, Y and Z axes and a high speed brushless spindle motor for the diamond dicing saw.

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