Megaflux™ Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Megaflux™ Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Megaflux™ Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors

Allied Motion's Megaflux family of high performance frameless direct drive brushless torque motors includes 12 frame diameters ranging from 60 through 792 mm (2.4 though 31.2 inches) with multiple stack lengths for each diameter, insuring that one of our standard models will likely meet your exact requirements.

Continuous stall torque ranges up to 2020 Nm (1490 lb-ft). Megaflux frameless torque motors offer a clear ID aperture of up to 582 mm (22.9 in).

The performance ranges of the standard motor series are summarized in the table below.

Modified standards and completely custom versions of Megaflux direct drive torque motors are often provided by Allied Motion to meet specific application demands. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

SeriesFrame Size (OD) mmFrame Size (ID max.) mmStack Length mmMotor Voltage VDCContinuous Stall Torque NmNo-load Speed RPMProduct Information
MF006060368-5548, 150, 3000.3 - 12076 - 7098Downloads
MF007676478-5548, 150, 3000.5 - 2.21640 - 6447Downloads
MF009595588-5548, 150, 3000.9 - 4.41300 - 5436Downloads
MF0127127848-5548, 150, 3001.6 - 8.4939 - 5097Downloads
MF01501707410-10148, 150, 3003.1 - 25416 - 2500Downloads
MF021023013010-10148, 150, 3008 - 75338 - 1894Downloads
MF025527517210-10148, 150, 30010 - 103280 - 1591Downloads
MF031033021010-10148, 150, 30017 - 181100 - 1260Downloads


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