Precision Gears and Gear Assemblies

Precision Gears and Gear Assemblies

Allied Motion is a world class designer and manufacturer of precision gearboxes, ranging from 1/2” up to 7” diameter (12 - 178 mm). The gearboxes that we manufacture get fully integrated into our gearmotor systems and are used across a diverse number of industries and platform applications.

Precision Gears and Gear Assemblies
Example shown: Gearing integrated into assembly with motor and drive electronics
Precision Gears and Gear Assemblies Exploded View
Example shown: Planetary gearset that will integrate into a motor assembly (not shown).

Examples of Industries and Applications Served

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Door Actuation, Military Robotics, Munitions

  • Agriculture

    Automated Seeders, Harvesting Combines, Electric Lawn Mowers

  • Commercial and Industrial

    Gate and Door Actuation, Welding Wire Feeders

  • Medical

    Mobility Applications, Powered Hand Tools, Surgical Robotics

  • Robotics

    Military, Medical, Warehouse, Industrial

  • Vehicles

    AGV’s, Farm Equipment, Military Ground Vehicles (Troop Transport), RV Awning Slide-Outs

Gear Capabilities

Our global team of engineers have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing several gear types including Helical, Spur, Worm, and Epicyclic gearing. These gears are then used within a variety of gearboxes and motor assemblies including:

  • Planetary Gear Motors
  • Right Angle Shaft Gear Motors
  • Parallel Shaft Gear Motors
  • Transaxle Gear Motors
  • Wheel Drive Assemblies
Gearing Capabilities

Expertise Where It Matters

Allied Motion works with your team to meet your specific design requirements - including size, configuration, performance, material type and more. We produce hundreds of thousands of gears annually and can meet all design and manufacturing requirements in-house including machining, inspection, and engineering analysis.

Questions about our capabilities? Give us a call (716) 242-7535


Allied Motion's engineers will work with you to develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.  We're here to help you every step of the way.

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