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H Series Brushless Motor Drives

H Series Brushless Servo Motor Drives

Allied Motion’s H-Drive is an advanced brushless servo motor drive designed to be the perfect mate to our HeiMotion brushless servo motors and to our Megaflux series of brushless torque motors. Featuring Hiperface DSL and multi-feedback device support, the H-Drive is rated up to 4800 W continuous output power.

Our H-Drive brushless servo motor drives features a digital, DSP-based design and is capable of controlling torque, velocity or position to ensure outstanding servo motion performance for robot, medical, industrial and automation applications. Command communication options include EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN and CANopen, and ±10 V analog.

Performance capabilities for the H-Drive are summarized below.

Series Type Power Supply Output Voltage (V) Rated Output Current (Adc) Rated Output Power (W) Product Informaton
AC Brushless Servo Motor Drive
Power Supply
110 – 240 VAC
Output Voltage (V)
up to 390 Vdc
Rated Output Current (Adc)
10 continuous Arms, 21 peak Arms
Rated Output Power (W)
Up to 4000
Product Informaton