Robotic Motion Solutions

Allied Motion’s brush and brushless motors and electronics are designed into robotic devices in a broad spectrum of applications from surgical robots to IED disposal robots to automated material handling robots.

Surgical Robots

Surgical Robots

Robot surgery, computer-assisted surgery, and robotically-assisted surgery are some of the terms used to refer to today’s advanced robotic surgical tools that allow surgeons to perform many types of complex procedures with higher precision, flexibility, control and less invasively than is possible with conventional surgical techniques.


Dual-Arm Military Robot

Shown here mounted on the robot's mobile base is a dual-arm robotic manipulator system that is capable of lifting 110 lb (50 kg) and handling a myriad of field missions with human-like handling abilities.



IED Disposal Military Robot

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) disposal robots perform a critical role on today’s battlefield. These robots need to be extremely rugged and reliable yet lightweight and easy to maintain in the field.


warrior with arm-29

Multi-Mission Military Robot

Accommodating multiple heavy payload types, and able to perform multiple mission types (explosive ordnance disposal, route clearing, reconnaissance, and more), multi-mission robotics are designed to rapidly negotiate rough terrain and even climb stairs while handling heavy payloads.


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