Size 21 Optical Encoders

Optical Encoders

Size 21 Optical Encoders

Allied Motion’s S21 series are cost-effective, hollow shaft modular optical encoders that are easy to mount and offer both incremental and absolute output formats. These compact, standard size 21 (2.1 in diameter) encoders have their own bearing system and are housed in a high-grade glass filled plastic resin shell with an IP40 protection rating.

The S21 series' features include up to 10,000 RPM shaft speed, software configurable resolution, and eight format types including sine-cosine, high-count incremental (to 2.1 million CPR), and serial and parallel absolute versions.

The table below summarizes the performance of the S21 encoder series.

SeriesFrame Size mmLength mmTypeFormatResolutionFrequency Response MHzProduct Information
S21A5331IncrementalSine/Cosine1000, 1024, 40960.1
S21B5331AbsoluteSerial, SSI binary8 - 16-bit binary5
S21C5331IncrementalBISS C2000 - 2,048,0005
S21D5331IncrementalDigital1000 - 409,6000.5
S21G5331AbsoluteSerial, SSI Gray code8 - 16-bit Gray code0.3
S21H5331IncrementalSerial, SSI Gray code8 - 16-bit Gray code1.5
S21P5331AbsoluteParallel, Gray code13-bit Gray code0.3
S21W5331IncrementalDigital w/ commutation2048 - 204,8000.5


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