Allied Motion's servo motors, torque motors, motion controllers and drives, and encoders deliver the reliability and precision needed in modern advanced automation systems as found in semiconductor and electronic test, assembly and packaging equipment.

  • 300 mm Semiconductor Wafer Handler

    Robotic wafer handling has become a necessity in the closed environments used in advanced semiconductor wafer fabrication. Robotic handlers transfer and load/unload wafers within a cluster of processing tools.

    Allied Motion supplies our HT and Megaflux brushless torque motors and our advanced motion controllers to the tool OEMs, who integrate them into their semiconductor processing tools for smooth and precise wafer handling and processing.

  • Agriculture Equipment Auxiliary Systems

    Agriculture equipment like the windrower shown here are becoming increasingly electrified with the incorporation of brush and brushless electric motor-powered accessories. Benefits in increased efficiency of power usage and equipment uptime can be significant.

    One example is a rotating wand device on this windrower powered by an Allied Motion gearmotor. The wand helps keep field debris from accumulating and clogging the radiator screen. It’s an example of how Allied Motion solutions keep downtime to a minimum in agriculture equipment.

  • Chemical Analysis Instrument Actuator

    Near Infrared Transmittance (NIT) is an accurate analysis method for grain (and some other products) to quickly determine characteristics such as protein and moisture content.

    Allied Motion developed a custom high performance limited-angle motor with integral sine-cosine encoder to drive the analyzer's scanning mirror. The required system accuracy of less than one arc second helps ensure the reliability and uniformity of the analysis.

  • Computer-to-Plate Laser Focus System

    Constant correction of the writing laser in a fast, high resolution (2400 DPI, 340 LPI) direct computer-to-printing plate system requires an optics focusing system with very high dynamic response capability.

    Allied Motion responded to this demand with a custom brushless linear motor actuator featuring a 1.52 mm focus range and high 150 Hz dynamic bandwidth.

  • Diaphragm Pump

    Compact, rugged, and mechanically simple diaphragm pumps can handle either fluids or gases with equal efficiency and reliability. Precision versions, powered by electric motors, are employed in numerous commercial and industrial feeding and metering applications. Smaller models are popular in instrumentation and medical uses.

    Allied Motion’s KinetiMax outer-rotor brushless motors with integrated drive electronics are popular for powering diaphragm pumps in a variety of medical fluid pumping and gas compressor applications. And our EnduraMax brushless DC motors are used to drive precision diaphragm pumps in industrial applications.

  • GPS-based Agricultural Vehicle Steering

    One of the most successful tools available for modern precision farming is the GPS-based steering system. The EZ-Pilot® system by Trimble provides high-accuracy steering of agriculture equipment utilizing a compact electric motor actuator directly mounted to the vehicle steering wheel. The EZ-Pilot responds to commands from a GPS-based guidance system. The system is employed in both broadacre as well as high-accuracy row crop farming applications.

    An Allied Motion Megaflux brushless torque motor with integrated drive electronics is at the heart of the EZ-Pilot system.

  • High Speed Electronics Assembly

    Advanced surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole component placement in the electronics assembly industry requires servo motor and drive systems with exceptional dynamic performance in order to achieve high throughput of up to nearly 100,000 CPH.

    For their machine’s placement heads, component feeders, and positioning axes, manufacturers demand the performance and precision provided by Allied Motion’s high performance brushless servo motors and companion drives.

  • Industrial Barcode Scanners

    Quickly identifying items in high throughput environments like production lines, or luggage or parcel handling systems, is usually done with barcode scanners. The key scanner component is the motor that rotates the polygon mirror that deflects the scanner beam.

    Allied motion custom designs these long-life miniature precision BLDC motors for high performance barcode scanner/readers.

  • Industrial Inkjet Printer Gearpump

    High speed inkjet marking systems on virtually always used for industrial on-the-fly case, carton, and product marking and labeling. This produces highly legible characters and graphics at the high line speeds needed for today's production lines.

    Allied Motion's KinetiMax outer rotor brushless DC motors reliably drive the system's gearpumps to insure correct fluid delivery to the inkjet print heads. Reliability and long life are key application criteria satisfied by Allied's KinetiMax motors.

  • Industrial Welding Wirefeeder

    Industrial tools such as welding wirefeeders require rugged, compact, and ultra reliable gear motors. These tools must take the abuse of harsh job sites like fabrication shops, shipyards, and oil fields, yet remain dependable to insure no downtime.

    Allied Motion's gear motors and brush DC motors have been proven through years of trouble-free service in wirefeeders and similar job-site industrial power tools.

  • Material Handling Carts & AGVs

    Material movement in factories and warehouses is becoming easier and safer with the advent of robotic material handling carts. Often referred to as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), these semi-to-fully autonomous vehicles have become increasingly popular, especially in automated warehouses, as their control and drive systems have advanced in capability.

    Allied Motion engineers have developed several wheel drive systems, including powered integrated wheel drive casters and transaxles in both brush and brushless DC versions that are used for both primary drive in AGVs and for power assist service in pushers, tuggers, and material handling carts.

  • Pipetting System for Automated Blood Analyzer

    Blood analysis requires a sequence of steps that if done manually are very time-consuming. An automated pipetting subsystem can speed the analysis. In such a system a set of pipettes is positioned to aliquot blood samples from primary test tubes and deposit them in secondary tubes. The subsystem must not only be fast but also accurate and smooth in handling the samples.

    Allied Motion’s small CL series of coreless DC motors equipped with gearheads drive miniature leadscrews to withdraw or deposit precise amounts of fluid from or to the sample tubes. Quantum series servo motors power the X-Z mechanical translation system that precisely positions the pipetting system during operation.

  • Postal Service Package Handling

    The U.S. Postal Service processes over a billion packages a year, and virtually every one is sorted and sent on its way using Allied Motion motors and gear motors. Durability and long, 24/7 service life are prime requirements of motors used in material handling systems like conveyors, pickers, sweep actuators, and similar MH equipment. Allied Motion's products meet and usually exceed the demands of material handling equipment manufacturers.

  • Semiconductor OCD Measurements System

    Optical Critical Dimension (OCD) spectroscopy is a key technology used for optical metrology and process control in semiconductor manufacturing. OCD enables measurements of the smallest semiconductor design features down to the nanometer level. At the heart of an OCD system is a high precision positioning system in the form of a highly integrated multi-axis stage system. The axes of the OCD's stages are controlled by a compact embedded motion controller.

    Working closely with the stage system designer, Allied Motion developed the advanced-performance custom motion controller module that powers the OCD system's stages.

  • Semiconductor Wafer Dicing System

    Accurately and precisely dicing semiconductor wafers into discrete die requires high response servo motors for the X, Y and Z axes and a high speed brushless spindle motor for the diamond dicing saw.

    Allied Motion’s Quantum series BLDC servo motors, X-Drive series digital drives, and frameless Megaflux torque motors provide an optimum motion package for advanced wafer dicing.

  • Train Door Operators

    Allied Motion is a leading supplier of actuator motors and gear motors to tough applications such as door operators in the light rail and passenger train market. These modern, electrically-powered actuators must possess the ruggedness and long life demanded by transit system engineers.

    Allied’s brush and brushless DC gear motors are cost-effective, yet offer the durability required by door system designers. They are also prized for their high performance and compact size, making them especially suited for use in space-restricted door system applications.

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