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ResMax 28 EE Brushless DC Motors

ResMax™ Brushless Motors for Respirators

Allied Motion's ResMax 28 EE brushless DC motors are specially designed for high performance blower applications as found in medical respirators for intensive care and emergency equipment.

The 3-phase brushless DC ResMax 28 EE motor is designed to operate at high speeds of up to 90,000 RPM, and it’s very low inertia gives it a highly responsive 4 msec time constant.

These characteristics combined with quiet and efficient operation and long 30,000+ hour life make the ResMax motors an ideal choice for highly dynamic applications like medical ventilators / respirators.

Series Frame Size (mm) Length (mm) Voltage (VDC) Rated Load Torque (mNm) Rated Output Speed (RPM) Rated Current (A) Rated Output Power (W) Product Information
Frame Size (mm)
Length (mm)
Voltage (VDC)
Rated Load Torque (mNm)
Rated Output Speed (RPM)
20,000 - 90,000
Rated Current (A)
Rated Output Power (W)
Product Information
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