EnduraMax™ Brushless Motors with Drive

EnduraMax™ Brushless Motors with Drive

EnduraMax™ Brushless Motors with Drive

Allied Motion's EnduraMax brushless DC motors include integrated drive electronics. iDrive series are for torque, speed and/or position control, while sDrive series are for high performance variable or fixed speed operation.

EnduraMax brushless DC motors are best suited for commercial and industrial applications such as AGV vehicle traction or steering, medical patient-handling equipment, mobile HVAC blowers and fans, rotary/linear actuators, and material handling systems.

EnduraMax series capabilities are summarized below.


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Some of the models for this product series are stocked and available for immediate shipment! Look for the QuickShip symbol in the datasheet next to available QuickShip part numbers and click the part number link to go directly to our online store. 

SeriesControl ModesIntegrated EncoderFrame Size mmLength mmVoltage VDCRated Torque NmRated Speed RPMRated Output Power WProduct InformationBuy Now
EMI75Torque, speed, or positionYes7510212, 24, 480.3 - 1.31850 - 5150120 - 325DownloadsModels available for purchase online
EMS75SpeedSensorless759612, 24, 480.2 - 0.81300 - 490085 - 245Downloads
EMI95Torque, speed, or positionYes9512712, 24, 480.5 - 1.91650 - 5000170 - 470DownloadsModels available for purchase online
EMS95SpeedSensorless9512312, 24, 480.3 - 1.71450 - 4900 140 - 300Downloads


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