Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • CPAP Respiratory Ventilation Air Pump

    Sleep apnea treatment often involves the assistance of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) respirators. All PAP systems (APAP, CPAP, IPAP/EPAP) control a stream of compressed air (4 to 20 cm H2O) to keep the patient’s airway open, which assists their breathing and greatly diminishes occurrences of closure of their airway during sleep that results in episodes of apnea and snoring.

    Allied Motion’s compact KinetiMax brushless DC motors like the KMX24 are used in CPAP systems to quietly and efficiently drive the system air pump precisely at commanded variable rates.

  • Dialysis System Pump

    Hemodialysis (HD) therapy systems require reliable peristaltic pumps to accurately control the flow of patient’s blood and the dialysis solution through the machine’s dialyzer.

    Dialysis system manufacturers rely on Allied Motion’s precision brushless KinetiMax outer rotor motors with on-board drive electronics to provide reliable, quiet, long-service life motor solutions for their HD pump subsystems.

  • Industrial Barcode Scanners

    Quickly identifying items in high throughput environments like production lines, or luggage or parcel handling systems, is usually done with barcode scanners. The key scanner component is the motor that rotates the polygon mirror that deflects the scanner beam.

    Allied motion custom designs these long-life miniature precision BLDC motors for high performance barcode scanner/readers.

  • Pilot Cooling System Pump

    Military helicopter pilots can be equipped with special flight suits that incorporate microclimate cooling. Cooling fluid is pumped through the suits by a special pump system driven by a brushless DC motor, keeping the pilot's body temperature at near normal in harsh environmental conditions.

    Allied Motion helped the pump and cooling unit manufacturer achieve required system reliability with a compact, custom KinetiMax brushless DC motor solution. Integrated drive electronics in the motor keep connections to a minimum, and the specially designed housing has an IP54 protection level.

Allied Motion's KinetiMax™ brushless DC motors have an outer-rotor design to take advantage of the greater inertia and increased torque inherent with an outer-rotor arrangement.

The KinetiMax family of motors also include integrated drive electronics as part of their design, making it easy to run them as you would a DC motor by simply connecting a DC voltage. The KinetiMax are compact yet powerful outer-rotor motors, owing to the use of high quality components in their construction. Their external rotor and iron core stator minimize cogging and maximize output torque. And, the higher inertia attribute of the outer-rotor design means a smoother running motor, which is a desired trait for laser scanning and rotary table applications.

KinetiMax have enjoyed success in driving many types of pumps, especially medical pumps, fans and blowers, laser scanners, and laboratory instruments.

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