Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • Agriculture Equipment Auxiliary Systems

    Agriculture equipment like the windrower shown here are becoming increasingly electrified with the incorporation of brush and brushless electric motor-powered accessories. Benefits in increased efficiency of power usage and equipment uptime can be significant.

    One example is a rotating wand device on this windrower powered by an Allied Motion gearmotor. The wand helps keep field debris from accumulating and clogging the radiator screen. It’s an example of how Allied Motion solutions keep downtime to a minimum in agriculture equipment.

  • Commercial Cleaning Equipment Actuators

    The commercial maintenance equipment industry demands motors and drives that are not only able to stand up to hard daily use in inhospitable environmental conditions but that are also cost-effective to apply. One example is the floor scrubber/sweeper shown here in which Allied gear motors are employed to power edge brush wheels.

    Allied Motion's engineers have repeatedly met the application challenges for commercial floor maintenance equipment with gear motors and transaxles of uncompromising ruggedness, and long-life, yet are competitive with second-tier supplier products of lesser quality.

  • Material Handling Carts & AGVs

    Material movement in factories and warehouses is becoming easier and safer with the advent of robotic material handling carts. Often referred to as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), these semi-to-fully autonomous vehicles have become increasingly popular, especially in automated warehouses, as their control and drive systems have advanced in capability.

    Allied Motion engineers have developed several wheel drive systems, including powered integrated wheel drive casters and transaxles in both brush and brushless DC versions that are used for both primary drive in AGVs and for power assist service in pushers, tuggers, and material handling carts.

  • Patient Transport Equipment

    Developers of a new-concept patient transfer bed – a motorized gurney with a built-in transfer belt that enables a single caregiver to transfer a patient within a medical facility without having to physically lift the patient – sought Allied Motion's assistance to motorize the 1400 lb. bed. Two traction drive wheels, a steering drive and two height adjusters were needed.

    Allied Motion responded with custom versions of our EnduraMax brushless integrated motor-drives for traction and our Endurance brush DC-based gear motors for the steering and height adjustment.

Allied Motion's EnduraMax family of integrated motor-drives (IMD) combines a brushless motor and high performance digital drive in a single compact package that simplifies system design, saves significant control cabinet space, and reduces wiring complexity.

The EnduraMax is currently offered in two frame sizes, each with a choice of drive type: iDrive or sDrive. iDrive models incorporate drive electronics that enable torque, speed and/or position control of the motor, whereas the sDrive models incorporate a patented, sensorless drive that enables high performance variable or fixed speed operation.

Compared to a brush DC motor, EnduraMax motors feature quieter operation, longer life, and no need of brush maintenance, making them the right choice to replace DC motors in equipment modernizations and in new designs.

EnduraMax IMDs are an excellent choice for a broad range of applications such as valve actuators, rotary and linear actuators, mobile HVAC blowers and fans conveyor drives, AGV vehicle traction or steering, and similar commercial/industrial applications.

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