Motion Control for Medical Ventilators & Respirators

Critical Motion Control Solutions used in Medical Respirators and Ventilators

Small Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) & Motor Drives (BLDC Drives) for Medical Ventilators & Respirators

Allied Motion is a leading global manufacturer of brushless DC motors and BLDC motor drives developed specifically for medical ventilators and respirators. Our ResMax 28 brushless motors provide the high performance required for this critical life-saving equipment.

Given the current urgent need for these products, we are proud to say that we are building thousands of these motors and are gearing up to do even more. And as a custom solutions provider we can tailor our products to fit your exact design requirement needs.

  • Allied Motion Produces Motors and Drives for Ventilators and Other Critical Medical Equipment


ResMax 28 EE Brushless DC motors

Specially designed for high performance blower applications as found in medical ventilators and respirators. These motors can be customized to meet your exact design needs.  Read more...


Sensorless Brushless Motor Drives

Sensorless motor drives for use in medical respirators and ventilators. Capable of driving motors to speeds as high as 150,000 RPM.  Read more...

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