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xDrive AC Powered Servo Drives

Allied Motion offers several electronic drive products to power our motors.

Featured here is the AC-powered single-axis xDrive series of full-featured digital servo drives. The xDrive is a compact, modular unit able to precisely control motor torque or velocity. xDrive models with output power rated up to 4400 W continuous are available.

Performance capabilities for the xDrive series are summarized below. Open the datasheet for complete specifications and to access the available QuickShip models in our eStore.


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QuickShip Products

Some of the models for this product series are stocked and available for immediate shipment! Look for the QuickShip symbol in the datasheet next to available QuickShip part numbers. Click the part number link to go directly to our online store.

Series Type Power Supply Output Voltage (VDC) Rated Output Current (DC equiv.) Rated Output Power (W) Product Information
AC Input brushless servo drive
Power Supply
115 - 230 VAC
Output Voltage (VDC)
160 - 320
Rated Output Current (DC equiv.)
2.8 - 11.2
Rated Output Power (W)
1100 - 4400
Product Information