Allied Motion Stockholm, Sweden

Allied Motion
Ekbacksvägen 26
168 69 BROMMA, Sweden
Tel: +46 (8) 546 111 00
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Allied Motion Stockholm, Sweden

Allied Motion Stockholm has a long history in the motor and motion control industry, beginning in 1917 as a family-owned company and later being renamed as Östergrens Elmotor AB in 1979. Over the years, the company has evolved to offer a wide range of electric motors and drive systems used in the motion control industry. In 2010, Östergrens Elmotor AB was acquired by Allied Motion Technologies.

As part of Allied Motion Technologies, we specialize in electrical motors, drives and gearboxes used in both vehicle and industrial applications such as lift trucks, commercial vehicles and medical equipment.  

We have application, design and manufacturing facilities in Stockholm and work closely with our colleagues worldwide to adapt our motion control systems and offer customized integrated solutions to meet the needs of our target markets.

Located in Bromma, Sweden, we now employ 50 people in diverse functions, including design and manufacturing engineering, system, test and application engineering, supply chain, quality, and finance. The core of our culture has been from the start to cooperate, share knowledge and show respect, combined with innovation and a passion of continuous development and improvements.