Allied Motion’s S21 series are cost-effective, hollow shaft optical encoders that are easy to mount and provide high data rate capabilities. These compact devices have their own bearing system and are enclosed in a high-grade glass filled plastic resin housing with an IP40 protection rating. The S21 series provides significant performance benefits in applications that would be limited by traditional modular encoder solutions.

Some of the S21 series' features are:

  • Industry-standard size 21 (2.1-inch (53.3 mm)) diameter
  • Robust bearing system enables up to 10,000 RPM shaft speed
  • Software configurable resolution
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, and transient voltage protection
  • ASIC-based design for excellent matching and reliability
  • RoHS compliant

The S21 series is offered in eight format types:

  • Sine-cosine
  • Digital incremental
  • High-count digital incremental (to 2.1 million CPR)
  • Digital incremental with motor commutation signals
  • Serial BISS C incremental
  • Serial output absolute versions (2) up to 16-bits
  • 13-bit parallel absolute

Programmable and easy to configure for a variety of output types, S21 encoders simplify machine design by allowing the same model encoder to be used for a multitude of applications.

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