Allied Motion offers a wide range of motors designed specifically for use in pump applications. From small medical pumps in dialysis machines to fuel pumps in LPG-powered vehicle fleets to military cooling pumps for pilots, Allied Motion's motors are relied upon for their robustness and long service life.

  • Aircraft Emergency Fuel Boost Pump

    Many small propeller-driven aircraft benefit from a two-speed pump that maintains fuel pressure while cruising, but boosts fuel delivery for takeoff and landing.

    One aircraft pump manufacturer consulted Allied Motion seeking such a two-speed fuel pump motor solution. Allied’s design team engineered a unique solution in which a standard Endurance brush DC motor was modified to accept two different voltages, enabling our customer to supply a reliable two-speed pump that doesn’t stall, as was the case with some other motors they tried previously.

  • Anesthesia Workstation Breathing System Pump

    Anesthesia workstations require highly reliable ventilator system components, the most important of which is the bellows subsystem. Modern ventilator subsystems are electrically powered and require no drive gas, which enables them to be more efficient and more precise in pressure and volume delivery than traditional gas-driven bellows ventilators.

    Allied Motion answered the call for a longer life, more reliable, lower audible noise, and lower EMI motor solution with its KinetiMax brushless DC motors with integrated drive electronics. The KinetiMax replaces the less reliable DC motor that typically drives the bellows ventilator vacuum pump.

  • Angiographic CT Contrast Injector Syringe Pump

    Angiographic contrast injectors are essential accessories for modern CT scanners. They inject X-ray contrast fluid intravenously, which provides dramatic improvement in the overall quality of CT images of the circulatory system and many soft organs. The enhanced images enable more accurate diagnoses to be made.

    Allied Motion brushless brushless servo motors and servo drives can be used to precisely drive the injector piston to achieve smooth, accurate fluid delivery in contrast injectors.

  • Automotive LPG System Pump

    As environmental concerns rise and the use of alternative fuels is encouraged, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems are increasingly being deployed in taxis, transit buses, and similar vehicle fleets. The pump, internal to the LPG tank, is a critical element in LPG (Autogas) systems.

    Allied Motion engineers developed custom versions of our small KinetiMax outer-rotor brushless DC motors with integrated drive electronics specifically to meet the unique demands of Autogas systems. These systems are deployed around the globe helping to reduce vehicle emissions.

  • Auxiliary Unit Fuel Pump

    In the control of gas turbine engines used in aircraft auxiliary power units (APU) that must operate at tens-of-thousands of rpm, fuel pump frequency response and reliability are two key design parameters.

    Allied Motion engineers, working closely with the turbine manufacturer of this gerotor-type fuel pump, optimized the parameters of the pump motor, an Allied Motion Megaflux frameless brushless torque motor, resulting in an economical solution that exceeded performance and reliability goals.

  • Boat Hydraulic Steering Pump

    Manual steering of power boats becomes difficult the larger and more powerful the boat, especially those outfitted with multiple engines. That’s when helm hydraulic assist systems become a necessity for good control and safe boating.

    Allied Motion supplies reliable, sealed hydraulic DC pump motors engineered to meet the demands of steering assist applications in the marine recreational boat industry.

  • Cardiopulmonary Heart Bypass System Pump

    Allied Motion designed a magnetically-coupled brushless pump motor to drive a disposable integrated oxygenator module, the "heart" of this innovative heart bypass system. The optimized low-voltage winding of the motor, a version of Allied Motion's Megaflux brushless servo torque motor series, is driven by a custom-designed two-quadrant brushless drive module.

  • CO2 & NOx Emission Reduction Pump

    Strict emission regulations like Euro 6 and US Tier 2 Bin 5 have lead to the deployment of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for heavy duty, and even passenger, diesel-powered vehicles. SCR dramatically reduces CO2, NOx and particulate matter in exhaust gases. SCR technology transforms harmful vehicle exhaust gases into harmless nitrogen and water.

    Allied Motion engineers worked closely with a pump manufacturer to develop specialized compact brushless DC motors to drive a highly integrated motor-pump used in SCR systems.

  • CPAP Respiratory Ventilation Air Pump

    Sleep apnea treatment often involves the assistance of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) respirators. All PAP systems (APAP, CPAP, IPAP/EPAP) control a stream of compressed air (4 to 20 cm H2O) to keep the patient’s airway open, which assists their breathing and greatly diminishes occurrences of closure of their airway during sleep that results in episodes of apnea and snoring.

    Allied Motion’s compact KinetiMax brushless DC motors like the KMX24 are used in CPAP systems to quietly and efficiently drive the system air pump precisely at commanded variable rates.

  • CT Scanner Cooling System Pump

    CT scanners have become virtually indispensable as a medical analysis tool. Modern CT scanners, especially newer multi-slice models, allow much faster, higher resolution scanning. This performance boost has helped make possible higher quality coronary artery and 3D imaging.

    A major manufacture of CT scanners relies on Allied Motion’s reliable KinetiMax brushless DC motors with integrated drive to keep the high power X-ray generator cool. The KinetiMax motor powers a centrifugal pump that circulates coolant through the generator.

  • Dental Instrument Pump

    From dental treatment centers to denture fabrication labs, small reliable and efficient pumps to supply gases and liquids are a necessity. Allied Motion’s engineers work with medical pump and dental equipment manufacturers to provide them the specialized motors they need.

    Excellent reliability, long service life, low audible noise, and two-wire simplicity are just a few of the attractive features of Allied Motion's small precision KinetiMax brushless DC motors with integrated drives used to drive coolant pumps for denture fabrication systems and other similar applications.

  • Dialysis System Pump

    Hemodialysis (HD) therapy systems require reliable peristaltic pumps to accurately control the flow of patient’s blood and the dialysis solution through the machine’s dialyzer.

    Dialysis system manufacturers rely on Allied Motion’s precision brushless KinetiMax outer rotor motors with on-board drive electronics to provide reliable, quiet, long-service life motor solutions for their HD pump subsystems.

  • Diaphragm Pump

    Compact, rugged, and mechanically simple diaphragm pumps can handle either fluids or gases with equal efficiency and reliability. Precision versions, powered by electric motors, are employed in numerous commercial and industrial feeding and metering applications. Smaller models are popular in instrumentation and medical uses.

    Allied Motion’s KinetiMax outer-rotor brushless motors with integrated drive electronics are popular for powering diaphragm pumps in a variety of medical fluid pumping and gas compressor applications. And our EnduraMax brushless DC motors are used to drive precision diaphragm pumps in industrial applications.

  • Fuel Cell Cooling System

    Allied Motion has helped to develop advanced vehicle propulsion systems, such as Ford's Focus FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) prototype shown here. We supplied custom brushless torque motors and digital drives for the cooling pump and fan systems in the Focus FCV.

  • High Performance Racing Fuel Pump

    High performance vehicles such as drag racers require consistent high rates of fuel delivery to avoid mid-track “lay down” due to a lack of sufficient fuel. For example, an 800-HP engine needs more than 0.1 gallon every second of a run.

    Allied Motion works with fuel pump manufactures to provide custom DC motors for their high performance electric fuel pumps that must meet the voracious fuel appetites of high performance sport racing vehicles.

  • Industrial Inkjet Printer Gearpump

    High speed inkjet marking systems on virtually always used for industrial on-the-fly case, carton, and product marking and labeling. This produces highly legible characters and graphics at the high line speeds needed for today's production lines.

    Allied Motion's KinetiMax outer rotor brushless DC motors reliably drive the system's gearpumps to insure correct fluid delivery to the inkjet print heads. Reliability and long life are key application criteria satisfied by Allied's KinetiMax motors.

  • Industrial Laser Cooling System Pump

    Industrial laser machining systems are used in many industries from metal cutting and drilling to the precision micromachining of semiconductor wafers.

    Allied Motion helped solve a critical cooling requirement in several micromachining laser systems with our high speed, brushless, frameless servo motors that power the closed-loop cooling system pumps in those systems.

  • Industrial Torque Wrench Hydraulic Pump

    Heavy bolted joints require torque levels only available with hydraulics. Electrically powered portable hydraulic torque wrenches offer the power needed for this application along with the convenience of a compact, portable unit.

    Allied Motion’s powerful EnduraMax brushless DC motor-drives increase productivity in portable hydraulic tool pumps through their high speed capability, excellent low voltage operation, and heavy duty bearings. The result is a smooth running pump with the ruggedness and reliability demanded of portable field tools.

  • Left Ventricular Heart Assist Device (LVAD)

    Left ventricular heart assist devices (LVAD) were developed to help heart transplant candidates while they await the availability of a heart, and also for permanent support for end stage heart failure patients.

    Advanced LVAD pumps are implanted in the patient, and use an axial flow pump powered by a compact, highly efficient brushless DC torque motor such as those designed by Allied Motion for LVAD applications.

  • Pilot Cooling System Pump

    Military helicopter pilots can be equipped with special flight suits that incorporate microclimate cooling. Cooling fluid is pumped through the suits by a special pump system driven by a brushless DC motor, keeping the pilot's body temperature at near normal in harsh environmental conditions.

    Allied Motion helped the pump and cooling unit manufacturer achieve required system reliability with a compact, custom KinetiMax brushless DC motor solution. Integrated drive electronics in the motor keep connections to a minimum, and the specially designed housing has an IP54 protection level.

  • Pipetting System for Automated Blood Analyzer

    Blood analysis requires a sequence of steps that if done manually are very time-consuming. An automated pipetting subsystem can speed the analysis. In such a system a set of pipettes is positioned to aliquot blood samples from primary test tubes and deposit them in secondary tubes. The subsystem must not only be fast but also accurate and smooth in handling the samples.

    Allied Motion’s small CL series of coreless DC motors equipped with gearheads drive miniature leadscrews to withdraw or deposit precise amounts of fluid from or to the sample tubes. Quantum series servo motors power the X-Z mechanical translation system that precisely positions the pipetting system during operation.

  • Precision Peristaltic Pump

    Positive displacement peristaltic pumps are a simple yet efficient means of handling liquids or gases in medical, laboratory, and industrial applications. The bench-top, multichannel laboratory type of pump shown here can provide fluid flows from μl/minute up to 2.0 liters per minute.

    The heart of this pump is a precision brushless DC KinetiMax motor developed by Allied Motion engineers to be compact, efficient and quiet while providing long trouble-free service.

  • Programmable Syringe Pump

    Small portable and battery-operated syringe pumps are used extensively to administer infusions associated with chemotherapy, post operative and chronic pain control, antibiotics and other medications given parenterally. Typical flow rates for these types of syringe pump can range from 0.1 to 200 ml/h, so the motors used must have excellent speed controllability.

    Miniaturization of these units for use by ambulatory patients requires reliable, small motors like Allied Motion’s CL coreless DC motors, which are highly efficient to conserve battery life.

  • Recreational Vehicle Convenience Systems

    Modern RVs and personal luxury buses pack a lot of “at-home” conveniences into a small space through the use of electrically-powered systems like slide-outs, bed stows and lifts, jacking and awning systems, and heating/cooling and water pumping systems.

    To power these RV conveniences, Allied Motion engineers custom design dependable, quiet brush DC motors, brushless DC motors, and gear motors that meet the demands of bus, RV and mobile convenience system manufacturers.

  • Vessel Engine Oil Change System Pump

    Changing crankcase oil for inboard mounted marine power plants, whether in a large yacht or smaller pleasure boats, is a difficult, dirty job. But closed-loop engine oil change systems that both remove old oil and add new reduce this task to the activation of a few switches and valves.

    Allied Motion supplies our Endurance 30 DC motor for this gear pump-based oil change system, providing the superior performance and dependability the marine industry demands.

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