Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • Bionic Prosthetic Arm

    As part of a DARPA program, an Allied Motion customer developed a new anthropomorphic prosthetic limb that gives patients improved, dexterous control of a prosthetic arm and hand, including a sense of touch.

    Allied Motion worked with our customer to incorporate 17 different Allied motors (PerformeX and Megaflux) in the joints and fingers of the arm, giving this marvel the size, weight, and strength of a human arm.

  • Dual-Arm Military Robot

    Shown here mounted on the Talon mobile base is a dual-arm robotic manipulator system that is capable of lifting 110 lb (50 kg) and handling a myriad of field missions with human-like handling abilities.

    Each arm assembly utilizes Allied Motion brushless torque motors to achieve 20 degrees of freedom, giving the arm unmatched dexterity. The arm has a load capacity of 50+ lb (22.7 kg) but a total mass of only 16 lb (7.3kg).

  • GPS-based Agricultural Vehicle Steering

    One of the most successful tools available for modern precision farming is the GPS-based steering system. The more advanced of these systems provide autonomous high-accuracy steering of agriculture equipment utilizing a compact electric motor actuator directly mounted to the vehicle steering wheel. The actuator responds to commands from a GPS-based guidance system. These systems are employed in both broadacre as well as high-accuracy row crop farming applications.

    An Allied Motion Megaflux brushless torque motor with integrated drive electronics is at the heart of the system shown here.

  • UAV Gimbal Motion Control

    Advanced micro-gimbals with high performance inertial stabilization technology are found on both land-based and aerial platforms such as military UAVs like the Predator. The full motion EO imager system employed in many of these unmanned platforms attains continuous pan, +40°/-220° tilt and 200°/sec slew rates by utilizing custom-designed Allied Motion Megaflux brushless torque motors.

Allied Motion offers a choice of three families of high performance direct drive brushless torque motors to design engineers looking for the special attributes of a torque motor for their projects. Direct drive torque motors are usually selected for an application because of their high torque producing capability (high torque density rating), and/or their large clear aperture hollow-shaft. Allied Motion's broad range of standard torque motors can satisfy most application demands, but when our standard range does not, you should know that most of our torque motor sales are of custom-engineered designs.

Allied offers two families of frameless direct drive torque motors, the HT and the Megaflux series. The HT family is our smaller frameless torque motors boasting very high torque density and higher speed capability. Our MF family is available in 12 frame diameters ranging from 60 through 792 mm (2.4 though 31.2 inches) and multiple stack lengths for each series. The continuous stall torque of the frameless family ranges from 0.008 up through 2020 Nm.

The CM and MFH series comprise our housed direct drive torque motor offering. The CM series offers a choice of integral encoder in sine-cosine, high resolution digital, or absolute format. Our MFH series is equipped as standard with an integrated servo drive matched to the capability of the motor.

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