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Motion Control Solutions for Military Ground Vehicles

Allied Motion designs, manufactures and supplies motion control solutions for military ground vehicles, both tracked and wheeled, including actuation, pumps, motors, controllers, drives and more. Leveraging a global supply-chain and an expertise in component and system solutions, our team of engineer’s have a proven track record of delivering highly customized solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Door Actuation for Military Ground Vehicles

Door Actuation

Mil-aero qualified linear actuators and gear motors used to open, close and latch doors for several ground vehicle platforms.

  • Latch Pin Actuation
  • Rapid Lift Actuator
Environmental Control for Military Ground Vehicles

Environmental Control

Custom designed fan and blower motors in both brush and brushless DC versions to meet the demands of the air-moving and condenser subsystems.

  • Air Pressure Devices
  • HVAC Blower Motors
Ground Radar Systems for Military Ground Vehicles

Ground Radar Systems

Hysteresis Gear Motors and frameless brushless DC torque motors provide motion control for ground radar motion control systems

Linear Actuators for Military Ground Vehicles

Linear Actuators

Precision linear actuators, custom designed to meet MIL-spec requirements and to meet your specific application needs.

  • Gimbal Positioning
  • Azimuth Drive Actuator
  • Door Actuation
Mobile SATCOM for Military Ground Vehicles


Frameless Brushless DC torque motors with integrated servo drives enable integrated yaw, pitch and roll axes control of SATCOM antenna systems.

Pumps for Military Ground Vehicles


Offer both centrifugal and positive displacement gear pumps to meet MIL-spec requirements:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • Smoke Generator Pumps
  • Bilge Pumps
Vehicle Steering for Military Ground Vehicles

Vehicle Steering

Offer both power assisted and true steer-by-wire technology. Integrated actuator complete with brushless motor, gearing, programmable electronic motor controller and communication.

Weapon Control Systems for Military Ground Vehicles

Weapon Control Systems

Frameless Brushless DC torque motors used in the azimuth and elevation of weapon control systems on several platforms:

  • Remote Weapon Systems
  • Single Man Turrets
  • Fully Stabilized Weapon Platforms


Allied Motion's engineers will work with you to develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.  We're here to help you every step of the way.

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