Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • Angiographic CT Contrast Injector Syringe Pump

    Angiographic contrast injectors are essential accessories for modern CT scanners. They inject X-ray contrast fluid intravenously, which provides dramatic improvement in the overall quality of CT images of the circulatory system and many soft organs. The enhanced images enable more accurate diagnoses to be made.

    Allied Motion brushless brushless servo motors and servo drives can be used to precisely drive the injector piston to achieve smooth, accurate fluid delivery in contrast injectors.

  • High Speed Electronics Assembly

    Advanced surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole component placement in the electronics assembly industry requires servo motor and drive systems with exceptional dynamic performance in order to achieve high throughput of up to nearly 100,000 CPH.

    For their machine’s placement heads, component feeders, and positioning axes, manufacturers demand the performance and precision provided by Allied Motion’s high performance brushless servo motors and companion drives.

  • IED Disposal Military Robot

    Improvised Explosive Device (IED) disposal robots perform a critical role on today's battlefield. These robots need to be extremely rugged and reliable yet lightweight and easy to maintain in the field.

    Allied Motion’s engineers developed versions of our frameless Quantum and HT series servo motors for the propulsion and arm axes of an IED search and disposal robot. Allied's design team optimized the motors in order to maximize torque production at lower speed and give the robots reserve power for climbing uneven terrains and rock strewn slopes.

  • Mobile Remotely Operated Weapons System

    The CROWS (Common Remote Operated Weapons Station) weapons turret allows a gunner to remain protected inside his vehicle while accurately operating a computer-stabilized, laser-aimed weapon.

    Allied Motion's Megaflux torque motors power three sets of azimuth and elevation axes in the system, while a housed Quantum servo motor powers the weapon's cocking actuator.

Allied Motion’s Quantum families of brushless servo motors provide the design engineer with a choice of frameless (component rotor and stator) servo motors or housed servo motors. Housed family models conform to NEMA size and mounting standards.

The Quantum frameless family of servo motors are specifically designed for direct axis integration in machine applications where a component rotor-stator motor is a more desirable choice. The frameless family consists or four frame sizes, each with four stack length versions and three winding voltage choices. Continuous stall torque ratings range from 0.08 Nm up to 14.1 Nm. All frameless Quantum models are equipped standard with Hall commutation switches.

The Quantum NEMA version family is available in four frame sizes (NEMA 17, 23, 34 and 56) with the same stall torque ratings as the frameless family. All NEMA Quantum models are also equipped with Hall commutation switches as standard, and will also accommodate an encoder. Continuous output power of up to 4.5 kW is available from the housed Quantum motors, which will handle most any servo control task.

Quantum servo motors are electromechanically optimized for high output power, high torque density, and low cogging torque. Their high power density ratio allows a smaller size motor to be used in many applications, saving space, weight and cost.

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