Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • Heavy-Duty Truck HVAC Air Moving Systems

    HVAC systems in “million-mile” trucks are required above all else to be reliable and quiet. The heart of these systems is motor used to power the blower or fan subsystem, which needs to be unquestionably reliable and provide very long service life.

    Allied Motion custom-designs and manufactures fan and blower motors in both brush and brushless DC versions specifically to meet the demands of the air-moving and condenser subsystems in both over-the-road and off-road vehicles.

  • High Performance Racing Fuel Pump

    High performance vehicles such as drag racers require consistent high rates of fuel delivery to avoid mid-track “lay down” due to a lack of sufficient fuel. For example, an 800-HP engine needs more than 0.1 gallon every second of a run.

    Allied Motion works with fuel pump manufactures to provide custom DC motors for their high performance electric fuel pumps that must meet the voracious fuel appetites of high performance sport racing vehicles.

  • Industrial Torque Wrench Hydraulic Pump

    Heavy bolted joints require torque levels only available with hydraulics. Electrically powered portable hydraulic torque wrenches offer the power needed for this application along with the convenience of a compact, portable unit.

    Allied Motion’s powerful EnduraMax brushless DC motor-drives increase productivity in portable hydraulic tool pumps through their high speed capability, excellent low voltage operation, and heavy duty bearings. The result is a smooth running pump with the ruggedness and reliability demanded of portable field tools.

  • Patient Handling Equipment

    Patient comfort is enhanced, especially for children and the elderly, when they are better accommodated by powered patient handling equipment such as the exam table shown here, where patients can sit as in a chair and then are gently oriented for examination.

    Allied Motion’s durable, quiet brush DC motors power the linear actuation devices used in modern, more accommodative exam tables like these.

Allied Motion offers our Endurance and Globe families of permanent-magnet brush DC motors in a range of frame sizes and power levels to satisfy the demands of commercial, industrial and mil-aero applications needing continuous shaft power of up to 1/2 HP.

Our Endurance motors are designed specifically for commercial applications in medical mobility, mobile HVAC systems, and similar battery-powered fractional horsepower uses. They are available in four frame diameters between 2.0 and 4.0 inches (50.8 and 102 mm).

Our Globe brand motors are smaller frame size permanent-magnet DC motors available in frame diameters from 0.875 inch up to 2.125 inches (22.2 up to 54 mm). There are two families offered, one targeted to industrial applications and the other specifically designed for use in mil-aero applications.

If your application demands differ from our standard offering in winding voltage, speed or power, or other requirement, keep in mind that Allied Motion welcomes the opportunity to provide a custom PMDC motor that exactly matches your requirements.

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