Custom Is Critical

  • Custom Is Critical

Let’s Design Your Next Generation of Product Together

Your next generation of products and systems will be more compact, more precise, more maneuverable than ever before – and they won’t be built with off-the-shelf motion technology. To develop advanced, leading edge systems, you need high performance, custom motion control products and the engineering expertise to optimize them for your application.

We are Committed to Your Success

Our team hits the ground running at our first meeting. We understand time-to-market is critical, so we streamline every step of the design process to fit your time constraints. Our engineers can travel to your facility, work side-by-side with your team, and quickly provide prototypes. And knowledgeable support is always just a phone call away.

Design Collaboration for Innovation and Speed-to-Market

We tailor our engineering process to ensure that we fully mesh with your team on the motion control aspects of your application. What's more, Allied Motion is known in the industry for our willingness to develop customized solutions to help ensure our customers' objectives are met.

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Allied Motion Custom is Critical
Frameless Direct Drive Brushless Torque Motors

Allied Motion is a leading supplier of torque motors for surgical robots.

Integrated BL Motor Drives

Brushless DC Motors with Integrated Drives & Electronics.

PerformeX SL GH1

PerformeX BLDC Slottless Motors with Optional Gearheads for Surgical Handpieces and Medical Power Tools.

Brushless DC Motors

Allied Motion's ResMax 28 EE brushless DC motors are specially designed for high performance blower applications as found in medical respirators for intensive care and emergency equipment.