ATV Power Steering Assist Actuator

Polaris RZR ATV imageElectronic Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) is found today in many off-road sports and utility ATVs as well as their on-road counterparts. EPAS is also used extensively in marine, agricultural, and material handling vehicles to name a few other applications that take advantage of this technology.

EPAS is more fuel efficient than hydraulic-based systems, and “smart” systems like Allied Motion’s POW-R STEER offer the advantage of tailored steering assistance performance to optimize ride and handling.

POW-R STEER is a complete actuator with a low-cogging torque, permanent magnet
brushless motor, a non-contacting torque sensor and an integrated controller and
power electronics.

Torque control parameters include: Basic Assist as a function of vehicle speed, assist as a function of steering speed, and kickback damping control.

Allied Motion offers other power steering assist products for applications from material handling to passenger cars.