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Mil-Spec DC Motors

Mil-Spec DC Motors

Allied Motion's Globe line of small frame Mil-Spec DC Motors has seven series to choose from with rated power up to 62 W and rated torque up to 113 mNm (16 oz-in).

Options include gearheads to boost output torque to as great as 62 Nm (8800 oz-in).

Mil-Spec DC motors equipped with tachometers or holding brakes are available as well.

Basic specifications for the family of mil-spec DC motors are summarized below. Select the link to view performance ranges for all seven series.

Family Frame Size (mm) Rated Torque (mNm) Rated Power (W) More Info
Globe Mil-Spec DC Motors
Frame Size (mm)
19 - 57
Rated Torque (mNm)
0.7 - 245
Rated Power (W)
3 - 61.9
More Info