Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • Boat Gyro Stabilization System

    Vessel roll caused by rough seas is an experience that can take the fun out of boating. With a dynamic gyro stabilization system on board, however, skippers and passengers can focus on pleasant pursuits on the water.

    Allied Motion engineers developed a custom Megaflux torque motor and servo drive system to drive the unique Seakeeper Gyro stabilization system. The motor and custom servo drive spin the gyro flywheel, contained in a vacuum chamber, at high constant speed.

  • CT Scanner Cooling System Pump

    CT scanners have become virtually indispensable as a medical analysis tool. Modern CT scanners, especially newer multi-slice models, allow much faster, higher resolution scanning. This performance boost has helped make possible higher quality coronary artery and 3D imaging.

    A major manufacture of CT scanners relies on Allied Motion’s reliable KinetiMax brushless DC motors with integrated drive to keep the high power X-ray generator cool. The KinetiMax motor powers a centrifugal pump that circulates coolant through the generator.

  • GPS-based Agricultural Vehicle Steering

    One of the most successful tools available for modern precision farming is the GPS-based steering system. The more advanced of these systems provide autonomous high-accuracy steering of agriculture equipment utilizing a compact electric motor actuator directly mounted to the vehicle steering wheel. The actuator responds to commands from a GPS-based guidance system. These systems are employed in both broadacre as well as high-accuracy row crop farming applications.

    An Allied Motion Megaflux brushless torque motor with integrated drive electronics is at the heart of the system shown here.

  • Semiconductor OCD Measurements System

    Optical Critical Dimension (OCD) spectroscopy is a key technology used for optical metrology and process control in semiconductor manufacturing. OCD enables measurements of the smallest semiconductor design features down to the nanometer level. At the heart of an OCD system is a high precision positioning system in the form of a highly integrated multi-axis stage system. The axes of the OCD's stages are controlled by a compact embedded motion controller.

    Working closely with the stage system designer, Allied Motion developed the advanced-performance custom motion controller module that powers the OCD system's stages.

Allied Motion offers several electronic drive products to mate with our motors. Our cost-effective single-axis SXD and xDrive series are, respectively, DC-fed and AC-fed full-featured servo drives. Both are compact, modular units able to precisely control motor torque or velocity. The SXD is rated up to 1000 W continuous and the xDrive can provide up to 4.4 kW continuous.

For robust speed control of sensorless motors Allied Motion’s DPFlex™ II is the second generation of this innovative, patented digital sensorless brushless motor drive series. The DPFlex II adds higher speed capability (up to 150,000 RPM), a higher bus voltage capability, the ability to drive lower impedance motors, and convenient digital direction selection instead of motor rewiring.

The MXC series is our flexible multi-axis motion controller platform with up to six advanced servo drives plus master controller, all in one compact modular mini rack unit. Use the MXC as your embedded controller for truly impressive performance in multi-axis machine applications.

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