Example Application Solutions

Below are selected applications that highlight use of the products in this category. See the Applications menu for a broader range of solutions.
  • ATV Power Steering Actuator

    Electronic Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) is found today in many off-road sports ATVs as well as their on-road counterparts. EPAS is also used extensively in marine, agricultural, and material handling vehicles to cite a few other applications.

    EPAS is more fuel efficient than hydraulic-based systems, and “smart” systems like Allied Motion’s POW-R STEER® offer the advantage of tailored steering assistance performance that optimizes ride and handling for any vehicle operating condition.

  • GPS-based Agricultural Vehicle Steering

    One of the most successful tools available for modern precision farming is the GPS-based steering system. The more advanced of these systems provide autonomous high-accuracy steering of agriculture equipment utilizing a compact electric motor actuator directly mounted to the vehicle steering wheel. The actuator responds to commands from a GPS-based guidance system. These systems are employed in both broadacre as well as high-accuracy row crop farming applications.

    An Allied Motion Megaflux brushless torque motor with integrated drive electronics is at the heart of the system shown here.

  • Intensive Care Respiratory Ventilation Air Pump

    Ventilators provide temporary respiratory support to medical patients, often in critical care situations. Reliability and low audible noise are very important criteria to ventilator manufacturers. Medical ventilators must also be very versatile to cover patients from infants to large adults with differing treatment protocols.

    A small, low-noise, power-efficient respiratory blower is required for such ventilators. Allied Motion's engineers developed the ResMax 28 brushless DC motor specifically for ventilators. It's high speed (90,000 RPM) and high dynamic performance enable high pressure (100 mBar) and peak flow (200 L/min) generation, while being highly dynamic to accurately follow patient breathing rhythms.

Allied Motion has developed many "clean-sheet" custom and special-purpose products to meet specific application requirements.

Some of these products are highly engineered, fully custom, defined-purpose units that are sold only to one customer. Others are design variants of custom / bespoke products that we are able to make available to the general market.

Still other of these products, such as our POW-R STEER® electronic power-assisted steering unit for vehicles and our ResMax™ 28 brushless DC motor for high performance medical ventilators / respirators and other air flow control applications, are designed to meet specific needs we see in the market.

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