Allied Motion's brush and brushless motors and electronics are designed into robotic devices in a broad spectrum of applications from surgical robots to IED disposal robots to automated material handling robots.

  • Autonomous Vehicle Laser Sensor

    DARPA’s annual “Urban Challenge" vehicle race spurs autonomous vehicle technology development. The implications for auto-drive cars and unmanned military operational vehicles are clear. Five of the top six finishers, including the winner, in the 2007 Challenge used the 64-element LIDAR sensor shown here atop the vehicle that generates more than 1.3 million distance points per second.

    Allied Motion engineers worked closely with the LIDAR maker to provide the custom torque motors needed for this sensor system.

  • Drive-by-Wire Control System

    Drive-by-wire technology, such as used in the Novanta concept car shown here, replaces the heavy, cumbersome power-hungry traditional mechanical and hydraulic components with accurate, efficient electro-mechanical control systems.

    Allied Motion worked with the developers of the Novanta to engineer customized brushless torque motors for application in the steering and braking systems of the Novanta.

  • Dual-Arm Military Robot

    Shown here mounted on the Talon mobile base is a dual-arm robotic manipulator system that is capable of lifting 110 lb (50 kg) and handling a myriad of field missions with human-like handling abilities.

    Each arm assembly utilizes Allied Motion brushless torque motors to achieve 20 degrees of freedom, giving the arm unmatched dexterity. The arm has a load capacity of 50+ lb (22.7 kg) but a total mass of only 16 lb (7.3kg).

  • GPS-based Agricultural Vehicle Steering

    One of the most successful tools available for modern precision farming is the GPS-based steering system. The EZ-Pilot® system by Trimble provides high-accuracy steering of agriculture equipment utilizing a compact electric motor actuator directly mounted to the vehicle steering wheel. The EZ-Pilot responds to commands from a GPS-based guidance system. The system is employed in both broadacre as well as high-accuracy row crop farming applications.

    An Allied Motion Megaflux brushless torque motor with integrated drive electronics is at the heart of the EZ-Pilot system.

  • High Speed Electronics Assembly

    Advanced surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole component placement in the electronics assembly industry requires servo motor and drive systems with exceptional dynamic performance in order to achieve high throughput of up to nearly 100,000 CPH.

    For their machine’s placement heads, component feeders, and positioning axes, manufacturers demand the performance and precision provided by Allied Motion’s high performance brushless servo motors and companion drives.

  • IED Disposal Military Robot

    Improvised Explosive Device (IED) disposal robots perform a critical role on today's battlefield. These robots need to be extremely rugged and reliable yet lightweight and easy to maintain in the field.

    Allied Motion’s engineers developed versions of our frameless Quantum and HT series servo motors for the propulsion and arm axes of an IED search and disposal robot. Allied's design team optimized the motors in order to maximize torque production at lower speed and give the robots reserve power for climbing uneven terrains and rock strewn slopes.

  • Material Handling Carts & AGVs

    Material movement in factories and warehouses is becoming easier and safer with the advent of robotic material handling carts. Often referred to as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), these semi-to-fully autonomous vehicles have become increasingly popular, especially in automated warehouses, as their control and drive systems have advanced in capability.

    Allied Motion engineers have developed several wheel drive systems, including powered integrated wheel drive casters and transaxles in both brush and brushless DC versions that are used for both primary drive in AGVs and for power assist service in pushers, tuggers, and material handling carts.

  • Mid-Range Munition Guidance System

    The Mid-Range Munition (MRM) is a precision guided munition fired from a tank. The MRM will autonomously attack battlefield targets with pinpoint accuracy at beyond line-of-sight ranges of 8+ km (5+ miles).

    Allied Motion engineers developed special motor-encoder units for the MRM capable of withstanding very high g-forces. The motors control the motions of an “eyeball” seeker head platform nestled in the nose of the MRM projectile.

  • Multi-Mission Military Robot

    Accommodating multiple heavy payload types, and able to perform multiple mission types (explosive ordnance disposal, route clearing, reconnaissance, and more), the Warrior robot rapidly negotiates rough terrain and even climbs stairs while handling payloads up to 68 kg.

    Allied Motion supplies rugged frameless brushless torque motors for this unique robot. They have reliably powered the Warrior through its many missions.

  • Postal Service Package Handling

    The U.S. Postal Service processes over a billion packages a year, and virtually every one is sorted and sent on its way using Allied Motion motors and gear motors. Durability and long, 24/7 service life are prime requirements of motors used in material handling systems like conveyors, pickers, sweep actuators, and similar MH equipment. Allied Motion's products meet and usually exceed the demands of material handling equipment manufacturers.

  • Semiconductor OCD Measurements System

    Optical Critical Dimension (OCD) spectroscopy is a key technology used for optical metrology and process control in semiconductor manufacturing. OCD enables measurements of the smallest semiconductor design features down to the nanometer level. At the heart of an OCD system is a high precision positioning system in the form of a highly integrated multi-axis stage system. The axes of the OCD's stages are controlled by a compact embedded motion controller.

    Working closely with the stage system designer, Allied Motion developed the advanced-performance custom motion controller module that powers the OCD system's stages.

  • Surgical Robot

    Robot-assisted surgery dates from the 1980's, but tremendous strides in the technology of surgical robots have been made in the past decade with the introduction of new and better surgical robot systems. These newer, multiaxis, highly precise surgery systems have enabled improved diagnostic abilities, less invasive and more comfortable patient experiences, and smaller and more precise interventions.

    Allied Motion is honored to be a supplier of our precision medical motors and frameless torque motors to leading suppliers of surgical robot systems.

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