Allied Motion manufactures the small-frame Globe line of mil-aero design AC motors with up to 0.10 horsepower capacity in both induction and hysteresis synchronous designs. The FC and MC series AC motors are designed for use on 400 Hz frequency in both single and three-phase power systems (60Hz models are also available). These motors can also be combined with options such as integral planetary gear trains, clutches, and brakes.

Allied Motion's mil-aero induction motors are manufactured using a squirrel cage rotor utilizing both aluminum and copper bars. Speed and torque can be tailored to individual requirements through rotor bar conductivity changes, which permits great versatility in curve matching.

Hysteresis synchronous motors operate at a constant speed determined by the number of poles and the applied frequency. Their output speed is very smooth and is as constant as the power supply frequency. Allied's hysteresis motors are manufactured using a special alloy rotor that has a marked hysteresis loop. This results in a motor that has extremely good starting torque and the pull-up torque necessary to bring relatively large loads up to synchronous speed.

For complete product and application information on the Globe line of mil-aero products from Allied Motion, click here

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