DDA Series Dual-Drive Transaxles

Allied Motion's DDA series of Dual Drives are specifically designed to power medical mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, patient beds, and similar applications where zero turn radius maneuvering is required.

The compact and dependable DDA dual drive is available standard with 3-5/8" diameter two- or four-pole brush DC motors with a choice of winding voltage from 12 up to 240 VDC. DDA series drives are rated up to 3/8 HP continuous output power per motor. The DDA series is also fitted standard with a dual electromagnetic brake assembly with override lever.

In addition to medical mobility service, the DDA series are an excellent choice for many utility vehicle applications, such as material handling carts, floor care equipment, AGVs, and light construction or lawn care equipment.

Features & Benefits
  • Rated for vehicle weights up to 1000 lb (454 kg)
  • High durability hardened steel gears
  • Cast aluminum gearboxes
  • Class B (130 ºC) winding insulation
  • Cartridge style motor brushes for easy maintenance
  • Capable of zero turning radius for tight maneuvering
  • Synthetic grease lubrication for long service life
  • Ball and needle bearings for durability and extended life
  • 4-pole motor for reserve ramp-climbing power
  • 3/4-inch (19 mm) dia. output shafts
  • Electromechanical holding brake, rated 35 lb-in (4.0 Nm), with override and controller feedback
  • 20:1 gear ratio with low diametral pitch for increased gear strength
  • High temperature Class H (180 ºC) winding insulation
  • Weather-resistant (IP65) design
  • Custom leads and/or connectors
  • Non-brake version
  • Custom output shaft configurations
DDA Series Dual-Drive Gearmotor
  • Specifically designed for medical mobility and utility vehicle applications

  • PMDC motor with choice of 12 to 240 VDC winding voltage

  • Up to 3/8 HP continuous output power per drive motor