PLA Series Parallel-Shaft Gearmotors

Allied Motion's PLA series parallel-shaft PMDC gearmotors are designed for battery–powered lifting and sliding applications such as in RV slide-outs and bed lifts. These low profile and compact gearmotors are available wound for 12 up to 115 VDC and output up to 1/30 HP (27 W) continuous.

In addition to lifting and slide-out applications, the PLA series is an ideal choice for industrial or commercial applications requiring a thru-shaft drive and high output torque at moderate shaft speed. This motor is a good fit for door openers, conveyor drives and industrial actuation applications. gear motors, gear motor

Features & Benefits
  • Multi-stage gearbox configurations for a range of gear ratios
  • Alloy steel gearing handles heavy loads
  • Cast aluminum gearbox maximizes rigidity and strength
  • Class A (105 ºC) winding insulation
  • Internal brush design for maintenance free operation
  • Hex-drive hollow thru shaft enables direct shaft drive configuration
  • Long-life synthetic grease lubrication
  • Ball and needle bearing construction
  • Compact design fits restricted spaces
  • 2-pole internal-brush PMDC motor
  • IP54 protection rating
  • High temperature Class H (180 ºC) winding insulation
  • Weather-proof (IP65) protection rating
  • Electric holding brake
  • Custom lead length and connector arrangements
  • Encoder shaft extension and mounting holes on motor
  • Right- or left-hand output shaft extension (depending on model)
  • Up to a 3/4-inch diameter output shaft
PLA gearmotor
  • 1/30 HP continuous parallel shaft gearmotor for battery-powered applications

  • Ideal for lift/slide actuators in RV, mobile home, and vehicle actuator applications

  • Hex drive hollow thru shaft